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March 29 2015


Heel Pain And Discomfort


Heel Pain

Heel Pain is usually focused on the underside or the back of your heel. If your pain is on the underside of your heel, its likely cause is plantar fasciitis. Pain on the back of your heel, where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone, is Achilles tendinitis. Although heel pain is rarely a symptom of a serious condition, it can interfere with your normal activities, particularly exercise.


Heel pain is most often the result of overuse. Rarely, it may be caused by an injury. Your heel may become tender or swollen from shoes with poor support or shock absorption, running on hard surfaces, like concrete, running too often, tightness in your calf muscle or the Achilles tendon. Sudden inward or outward turning of your heel, landing hard or awkwardly on the heel. Conditions that may cause heel pain include when the tendon that connects the back of your leg to your heel becomes swollen and painful near the bottom of the foot, swelling of the fluid-filled sac (bursa) at the back of the heel bone under the Achilles tendon (bursitis). Bone spurs in the heel. Swelling of the thick band of tissue on the bottom of your foot (plantar fasciitis). Fracture of the heel bone that is related to landing very hard on your heel from a fall (calcaneus fracture).


Symptoms may also include swelling that is quite tender to the touch. Standing, walking and constrictive shoe wear typically aggravate symptoms. Many patients with this problem are middle-aged and may be slightly overweight. Another group of patients who suffer from this condition are young, active runners.


The diagnosis of plantar fasciitis is generally made during the history and physical examination. There are several conditions that can cause heel pain, and plantar fasciitis must be distinguished from these conditions. Pain can be referred to the heel and foot from other areas of the body such as the low back, hip, knee, and/or ankle. Special tests to challenge these areas are performed to help confirm the problem is truly coming from the plantar fascia. An X-ray may be ordered to rule out a stress fracture of the heel bone and to see if a bone spur is present that is large enough to cause problems. Other helpful imaging studies include bone scans, MRI, and ultrasound. Ultrasonographic exam may be favored as it is quick, less expensive, and does not expose you to radiation. Laboratory investigation may be necessary in some cases to rule out a systemic illness causing the heel pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Reiter's syndrome, or ankylosing spondylitis. These are diseases that affect the entire body but may show up at first as pain in the heel.

Non Surgical Treatment

Initially, treatment will consist of adding support to the foot, including better shoes and an over-the-counter arch supports and/or insoles; resting from the sport or activity that aggravates the problem; stretching the calf and arch muscles; taking anti-inflammatory; and using ice and massage to reduce inflammation. You can ice and message your muscles simultaneously by freezing a water bottle filled with water and using it to massage your foot by rolling it underneath your foot for five to 10 minutes at least two times per day. It is not unusual for symptoms of plantar fasciitis to persist for six to 12 months despite treatment.

Surgical Treatment

Only a relatively few cases of heel pain require surgery. If required, surgery is usually for the removal of a spur, but also may involve release of the plantar fascia, removal of a bursa, or a removal of a neuroma or other soft-tissue growth.


Feet Pain

Before you get out of bed in the morning, and then periodically throughout the day, do the following exercises to increase flexibility and ease pain. Slowly flex your foot and toes to stretch the tissue on the bottom of your sore foot. Hold the stretch for 10 counts. Relax and repeat. Do gentle ankle rolls to keep the tissues around the ankle and on the back of the heel flexible. Sit on the edge of your bed and roll your foot back and forth over a tennis ball.
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June 10 2014


How To Get Rid From Foot Pain

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The goals of treating diabetic neuropathy are preventing and possibly reversing the progression of nerve damage, and reducing the symptoms, targeted therapies to the underlying mechanisms of diabetic neuropathy are essential to slow the progression of the disease. It is clear that symptoms of each of these types of diabetic neuropathy are triggered by a rapid improvement in glycemic control. Although the causes of diabetic neuropathy are not fully known, high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is believed to be the major causative factor. The study is scheduled for presentation Monday at the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists in San Francisco. Morton's neuroma is a very common and painful condition that affects the furthest end of the foot toward the toes. The pain is felt in the front of the foot and may extend to the toes. The word "neuroma" is misleading because the ending "-oma" is often thought of as a tumor. However, a Morton's neuroma is the result of excessive tissue formation around a nerve that forms due to nerve irritation from ligaments exerting pressure on the nerve. These ligaments compress the nerve, and the body's reaction to the compression is to form excess tissue. However, the excess tissue results in more irritation and compression to the nerve. and the wit of Oscar Wilde-and look down at your shoes. If the shoes you are wearing have more shoelace eyelets than you use or need, you may be unwittingly causing your own foot pain. How do you deal with foot pain? By lacing your shoes correctly. You may also be able to deal with pain across the top of your feet by getting rid of that pretty little criss-cross design. If the plantar fasciitis is acute, that is, a sprain of the plantar fascia then it is basically treated as a sprain, with anti-inflammatory drugs, ice, rest, possibly physical therapy. If chronic, the poor foot mechanics need be addressed. Interdigital neuroma more commonly known as Mortons neuroma is an entrapment of a nerve that passes into the toes of the foot. The nerve gets entrapped or “pinched” by the metatarsal bones, which are the bones just behind the toes. Typically this type of foot pain is the result of wearing shoes that are too narrow or in the case of women, high heel shoes. Other factors that will cause this condition can be the specific architecture of a person’s foot structure as well as occupational hazards such as those who work low to the ground forcing them to kneel down for long periods.
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